KloudTel is looking for Qualified Technology Professionals

We are at the beginning of a technology revolution that is changing the way businesses communicate. KloudTel is looking for excited and committed partners to help us lead the way. Latest statistics show that 90% of all companies have fewer than 100 employees and less than 20% have adopted VoIP. Are you ready to introduce them to the future of office communications?

Never before have companies depended on trusted professionals to assist in making their technology decisions and ensure they achieve their goals.

What does this mean?

Thousands of businesses rely on our partners to successfully guide them into this new generation.

In today’s market, companies are embracing the advantages of this new technology and KloudTel’s services are their premier choice. Countless corporations have already made the switch from outdated, expensive telephone equipment and are now enjoying the benefits of a versatile, cost efficient solution provided by Business VoIP.

With a Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking provider in your portfolio of products, you are sure to position yourself as an innovative leader and give yourself an edge against your competitors.

KloudTel is opening the door to qualified IT professionals, telecom vendors, equipment manufacturers, VAR’s, and system integrators to partner with them to expand their service portfolio and boost revenue growth.

At KloudTel we are dedicated to working with you, our partners, to give you the tools you need to successfully offer our KloudTel Phone System.

Program Benefits

  • No minimum monthly requirement.
  • Partner with an industry leader to offer your clients a cutting edge phone system that is feature rich, reliable and maintenance free.
  • Diversify your product offerings and expand into new, previously unattainable markets while also growing your customer base.
  • Reduce your telecom costs and save on overhead with our special partner discount pricing.
  • Boot Camp sales training is available for your employees to bring them up to speed and give them the tools to drive sales.
  • Enjoy one of the most generous commission structures in the industry. Both our Referral and Reseller Programs have multiple levels of increasing commission.

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