More carriers + more connections = more reliability

Network uptime has become vital for business communication. If your task relies on network access, you’re losing money every minute your network is down. For savvy businesses using applications like VoIP, email, video-conferencing, CRM, and all the other business applications that are accessed remotely, downtime is simply unacceptable. Companies that know better rely on KloudLINQ.

The KloudLINQ aggregation system enables companies to combine any type of connection from any carrier. Eliminating dependence on a single carrier ensures your critical applications are always accessible.

KloudLINQ can combine up to 8 different connections from up to 8 different providers to supply reliability the best T1 can only dream of.

Do you already have a backup connection? Is that backup active or passive? If it is passive, you’re likely wasting money and bandwidth.

At Kloud9 IT, Inc, we favor efficiency by employing what we call “live redundancy” -- putting your backup connection online and at work. By moving to an active/active setup, you take advantage of increased bandwidth and seamless failover.

No Dropped Calls, No Dropped Sessions

KloudLINQ with MLCR automatically detects if a connection is in jeopardy and instantly routes your applications around the problem link. This means you won’t lose even a word of your call and you won’t lose a single bit of data.