Superior VoIP

You’re probably paying too much for VoIP.

Many businesses suffer from poor quality VoIP calls because of limited bandwidth or poor internet quality. KloudLINQ provides an affordable and resilient end-to-end solution that delivers high quality calls, 100% of the time. Our unique system is designed to optimize bandwidth and eliminate jitter, guaranteeing that time-sensitive and high-priority traffic will flow through easily.

KloudLINQ for VoIP is a perfect match for businesses who value:

  • Quality – KloudLINQ’s proprietary algorithms clean up your network connections. We’ve created application-centric rules that govern access to each link and route mission-critical data to avoid rate limits, radically reducing jitter and latency. The unique design of our bi-directional Quality of Service engine dynamically avoids poor line conditions on both outbound and inbound traffic, making Kloud9 IT, Inc VoIP calls crystal clear every time.
  • Reliability – 99.999% uptime is KloudLINQ’s promise. Our system is designed for seamless failover in the event one of your connections goes down. KloudLINQ will automatically re-route traffic and ensure that no VoIP call is dropped, even if a network outage occurs. In fact, no matter the strain on your connections, KloudLINQ always takes care of VoIP calls to ensure they receive the priority they need.
  • Value – If you are a business with a T1 (or faster: T3, fiber, etc.) or MPLS connection, you are likely paying more than you should. KloudLINQ delivers the best value by providing more bandwidth, more control, more reliability, and more security.

Combine any of our VoIP solutions with KloudLINQ to ensure crisp, lossless voice quality on the most reliable internet connection in the industry.