Don’t let your phone system hold you back any longer. Cut the cord now.

KtPs is loaded with useful business features that would make a Fortune 500 company envious. Our features work together to increase productivity, simplify communications, and improve your bottom line.

The ultimate in freedom. The moment someone leaves you a message, you are notified via email and the actual voice message is delivered right to your inbox. Stop wasting time calling into the office to check messages -- your voicemail is always at your fingertips. You now have 3 easy ways to access your voicemail -- phone, email, and web interface -- and make sure you don’t miss an important customer.

With our powerful fax engine (that fully supports the T.38 protocol), you can reliably send and receive faxes from virtually anywhere. Faxes are delivered straight to your email inbox and sending is just as easy. You can send faxes either through the web interface or as an email directly from your favorite email program (Outlook, Gmail, etc.). No fax machines, no messy cartridges, and no hassles.

Kloud9 IT, Inc takes your business to the next level and gives your company a professional image with the ability to hold conference calls. Our Conference Center even supports calls in HD audio. You can schedule and have multiple conference rooms on one conference number, plus it supports one-time and recurring meetings. For added security, administrators can require participants to enter a PIN. Now you can reduce travel costs, increase productivity, and improve your bottom line.

Another great way to unify all your workers and increase productivity. Our fully-featured Instant Messaging server (XMPP Jabber compliant) is completely integrated with our KtPs. With an IM system dedicated to work purposes, you don’t have to worry about employees wasting time chatting with friends on other IM systems like MSN and Skype. Our system is compatible with a wide range of applications. With support for features like presence, Kloud9 IT, Inc’s IM is a great collaboration tool that is sure to save time within your organization.

The perfect tool for a receptionist or anyone who needs to see who’s on the phone. Kloud9 IT, Inc’s presence allows users to monitor the status of others, by using the phone’s multi-colored LED buttons to show when users are on a call. From now on, employees will know ahead of time before transferring to a colleague who is busy closing a deal.

In the event of the unthinkable, we have you covered. Kloud9 IT, Inc ensures callers have continuous communication with your business, even in a disaster. Your incoming calls can be instantly re-directed to another location (second office, home, cell, or anywhere) to maintain business continuity. Rest assured, your backup plan is already in place.

A great productivity enhancing feature for your sales, technical, or customer care departments. Our queues can answer multiple calls and distribute them to agents using one of seven sophisticated algorithms. Plus, management and administrators have access to detailed reports and statistics that provide incredible insight into calling patterns and behavior. This lets you to maximize resources, improve customer satisfaction, and even guarantee SLA terms.

Wouldn’t you like the ability to have website visitors contact you by clicking a button on your webpage? With Kloud9 IT, Inc’s Call Now feature, potential customers have an easy way to connect with your company. Businesses can publish a link on their website or include it in their email signature and when someone clicks this link, the system will make the connection between the customer and you. Call Now is an important tool to engage customers interested in speaking with someone immediately.

Never miss that important call when you’re not at your desk. You can forward all calls or perhaps just an important client to another extension or any phone you choose.

This time saving feature gives you the ability to pick up calls ringing at other extensions. For example, a receptionist can answer another employee’s phone without needing to leave their desk.

Calls can be parked in a private lot and picked up later according to the parking lot’s preferences. This can be very useful when you want to put multiple callers on hold and allow these calls to be picked up by someone else.

Calls can be transferred between system extensions or even to external phone numbers. Transfers can be assisted (talk to the recipient before the transfer) or blind. Imagine a receptionist transferring an important call to a manager’s mobile phone, without the caller ever knowing they’re out of the office!

Need some quiet time to finish a report? Users can choose not to be available and calls will be directed straight to voicemail ensuring that nobody will disturb you. This feature can be enabled and disabled from the phone terminal.

Record important conversations like customer support calls as part of satisfaction improvement programs or abuse prevention. Call recording can be event driven (the employee presses a button) or automatic (setup by management).

Be sure that only important calls reach you! This feature ensures privacy by requesting the caller to provide a password in order to contact the desired extension.

Make sure that somebody will take the call. By enabling this feature, calls are forwarded to other extensions if not answered within a specified amount of time.

Do you have a group of sales or support team members that you want to have called all at the same time? With Ring All / Call Groups, each extension within a group will be called and the first one to answer, gets the call.

Find-me / Follow-me is perfect for users that are regularly out of the office and need to stay connected. Calls to an extension simultaneously ring multiple numbers, such as an office, mobile, or home phone. The first one to answer gets the call.

Create rules that allow you to control what happens when someone calls. Our advanced routing engine lets you direct and filter calls based on a number of parameters such as; CallerID, time of call (ie. after business hours), plus more. These rules can automatically perform a set of predefined actions, like call transfer or send to voicemail. The benefit is you get a system that automates tasks, protects your privacy, and increases productivity.

Want to let your employees check voicemails as fast as possible? With this feature, companies can have a direct number to call for accessing all voicemail services. A company can assign a special phone number the employees can call from a public number in order to check their voicemail messages. This provides a fast, affordable, and centralized way for users to call in and listen to voicemail messages.

Need to broadcast a message to employees at their desk in or in the warehouse? The Intercom and Paging features are highly customizable, allowing an extension to broadcast messages to groups or to particular extensions. The phone system administrator of a company can set up what extensions are allowed to use Intercom and Paging.

Call screening features are particularly interesting for call centers that want to filter calls by destination. Banks, insurance companies, or even small companies can use call screening in order to comply with local regulations and to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Have a specialized program that requires an API? Kloud9 IT, Inc’s Call API interface permits the use of HTTP requests that support calls initiations, call listing, and call hangups. It can provide support for further plug-ins development. Please note, access is limited to a case by case basis and is not guaranteed.