Case Studies

Company: A boutique firm that prepares personal and corporate tax returns.

Challenge: Taxes-R-Us Accounting wanted to reduce their telecom costs and improve operational efficiency.

Solution: With the KloudTel Phone SystemTM, they had more time to focus on their business. This boosted sales and cleared the way for opening another office.


  • Lowered their telecom costs
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increase sales

Business Obstacles

Taxes-R-Us Accounting is a small accounting firm with 5 employees. The majority of work comes from tax preparation services that experience seasonal spikes in jobs and workload during tax season. Their office has grown from 2 consultants to 7 and they will likely be increasing those numbers shortly.

Last year in an attempt to handle the large call volume during tax season, they relied on tax preparers and a receptionist to answer and direct callers. This was inefficient and very unproductive and resulted in missed business with some angry customers. Prior attempts at shopping for an office phone system returned poor results due to the large upfront capital expenses along with the pricey maintenance contracts.


Taxes-R-Us Accounting did their homework then contacted Kloud9 IT, Inc to inquire about our phone services. Our friendly staff took the time to ask the right questions, review their needs, and proposed a flexible solution that was a perfect fit.

By adopting the KloudTel Phone SystemTM, Taxes-R-Us Accounting was able to reduce their monthly spending and sales went through the roof. During busy season, they easily increased their call capacity and added remote workers to answer the phones, freeing up time for the tax preparers to do what they do best -- prepare tax returns.

Bottom Line Benefit

By automating the phones system, reducing the need for a receptionist and streamlining the call flows, Taxes-R-Us estimates that they have saved themselves over $6,000 in telecom and productivity-related expenses. And to top it off, their sales are up too. Taxes-R-Us were impressed with how smooth the transition was and thrilled with their decision to go with Kloud9 IT, Inc.

In summary, they have:

  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced costs by 15%.
  • Streamlined their calls, put customers with the right person quicker, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • With the ability to easily scale up their system during peak times, they were able to grow sales and now they are looking to expand to a second location and Kloud9 IT, Inc is their vendor of choice.