Aggregated Bandwidth

Accelerated networks = better productivity = money saved

Our KloudLINQ platform is unparalleled in today’s market. KloudLINQ allows you to combine any type of internet connection to provide fully-meshed bandwidth in both directions. With our unique system, you can seamlessly combine up to 8 internet connections from any carrier, with any speed, unlocking the full performance of each carrier’s network and providing a simple path for limitless growth in the future.

Connection Download Upload
Cable 6.0 2.0
DSL 6.0 1.0
Fixed Wireless 6.0 3.0
Total 18.0 6.0

KloudLINQ Acceleration Engine

What’s better than lots of bandwidth? Even more bandwidth.

If your critical applications are failing to meet their true potential because of bandwidth limitations, KloudLINQ’s bi-directional acceleration is the answer. This service goes beyond aggregating bandwidth and adds network acceleration to truly unlock the full potential of your internet connections.

Imagine a world where three 6 Mbps DSL connections combine to transfer data at 50 Mbps -- that’s KloudLINQ!

Inbound traffic comes in at a rate of 50 Mbps to the KloudLINQ Concentrator This inbound traffic is compressed to 18 Mbps and distributed along all the internet links The KloudLINQ Customer Device receives, re-assembles and decompresses the data 50Mbps of data is delivered to the customer

By combining aggregation and acceleration, we’ll save you thousands of dollars and increase productivity by speeding up your network a mind blowing 10X your regular transfer speeds -- a network administrator’s ultimate dream!