Exclusive link aggregation technology that is on the cutting edge of business communications.

KloudLINQ combines internet connections from multiple service providers, solving network-related problems -- like lack of bandwidth, downtime, and call-quality -- that are plaguing your company’s productivity. This service provides an end-to-end solution that multiplies bandwidth, improves reliability, provides superior quality, and advances network security. In today’s highly competitive business environment, a reliable high speed network is mission critical to your success.

KloudLINQ is your answer to IP confidence.

  • Superior VoIP - Finally! Affordable IP-based communications with full bi-directional QoS. Providing amazing crystal-clear call quality.
  • Cloud Connection - This scalable and reliable solution enables you to put more in the cloud without worry.
  • MPLS Replacement - Significantly reduce infrastructure costs by using KloudLINQ instead of MPLS.