More carriers means better security.

Until recently, the only sure option for companies with strict security requirements was an expensive private network. Now, there is KloudLINQ.

Our system combines connections from multiple carriers and uses a unique packet-marking system that allows data to flow across any combination of network connections. The KloudLINQ system provides clients faultless security without the high cost of a private network. In fact, the more connections there are, the more secure the network. This is because a single network connection requires only 1 successful breach. A KloudLINQ solution that utilizes 3 network carriers, for example, requires 3 times the amount of work to breach. If data was somehow decoded, it would only be a portion of the original message.This is how KloudLINQ proprietary technology keeps you secure.

Proprietary Marking Engine

KloudLINQ utilizes multi-language networks by acting as a “translator”, meaning that a LAN using IPToS markings can now communicate with a WAN using DSCP in an MPLS network. Because the marking engine is proprietary, the ability to decode any data becomes significantly more difficult.

Packet Distribution (MLCR)

Our systems constantly distribute data across all of the connections used by KloudLINQ. Our engine marks each packet before it travels across the connection. This distribution is the “secret sauce” that allows us to fully utilize all available bandwidth and limit packet-loss.

Packet Aggregation

KloudLINQ then decodes, removes the KloudLINQ mark, reassembles the packets, and sends them along to their final destination.