What Is A Hosted PBX?

The relentless march of technology has forever changed the face of modern phone systems for the better. Traditionally, if your company wanted a phone system, it required you to spend thousands of dollars on PBX equipment to be installed on premise and managed by a qualified technician. Lucky for us all, those days are gone.

Recent technological advances permit this expensive PBX equipment to be “hosted” and managed by a service provider, like Kloud9 IT, Inc. Now, businesses can get a robust system loaded with features without having to worry about the huge upfront capital costs associated with PBX equipment. Everything is managed by our team of engineers, providing superior service that is unmatched in reliability and versatility, all at a very affordable cost.

Many companies call this a Hosted PBX. At Kloud9 IT, Inc, we offer the same service but call it KloudTel Phone SystemTM, because our service is more than just a PBX. We integrate voice, fax, instant messaging, and more to provide a unified platform that simplifies business communication.