Phone Benefits

Build the phone system you want and create a solution that is right for your business. Integrate multiple locations and remote workers and log into our online-anytime web interface 24/7/365 to make changes whenever you need to. Nothing compares to the freedom you get with KtPs.

Free yourself from hardware limitations to simplify planning and deployment strategies. Scale efficiently and pay only for exactly what you need. Rest assured that adding or removing capacity is easily handled with a quick call to the Kloud9 IT, Inc support team. Enjoy the freedom to grow as big and as fast as you want and not have your communication system hold you back.

Our carrier-class equipment is fully redundant and deployed in secure co-location facilities with multiple Tier 1 connections and plenty of backup systems. Our equipment is managed by experts that regularly perform maintenance and security audits to ensure the integrity of the network. Given our approach and attention to detail, we are strategically positioned to provide superior reliability for mission-critical communications.

KtPs is already loaded with the best features on the market, and we always work to discover new breakthroughs. You will always be up-to-date with the latest productivity developments. No need to purchase or upgrade to newer equipment or get stuck with an obsolete system. Since everything is hosted, we take care of it all.

No PBX equipment, no repairs, no maintenance, no upgrades, and no hassles. Plus, moves, adds, and changes (MACs) are a breeze. Your administrator can simply log into the online-anytime web interface and make changes instantly. By freeing yourself up from managing expensive telecom equipment, you can focus on what you do best -- running your company.

Cut the cord on old technology and increase productivity today. No matter whether you’re at the satellite office, at home, at the hotel, or on your mobile phone, all employees can enjoy full access to the powerful features of KtPs. Across the office, across the country, or across the ocean -- all calls between extensions are free.

Switching companies used to be a hassle, but luckily those days are gone. Forget about service appointments and technicians having to visit in order to set you up. Your equipment will be shipped pre-configured and your system custom designed. All you need to do is plug and play.

Expand your company presence with your choice of local telephone numbers. We can assign you as many numbers as you need from any of our 6,000 rate centers across the United States and Canada. You can also choose from our Toll-Free numbers (800/888/877/866) or even select telephone numbers from one of our 33 International locations.

With features like find me/follow me, ACD, and advanced call routing engine, keeping in contact with your customers has never been easier. In today’s competitive market, these features are vital in maintaining a strong relationship and keeping your customers happy.