KloudSIPTM Pricing

Concentrate on what you do best -- running your business.

Option 1: KloudSIPTM Unlimited

KloudSIPTM Unlimited is the perfect solution for offices moving from a traditional PBX background with a telecom provider. Each trunk comes with unlimited calling so you never need to worry about your minute usage. At $29.95 per month, it’s the best deal going -- with no long-distance charges and low international rates, it’s the best value money can buy.

Option 2: KloudSIPTM Metered

Companies with light to average calling usage can save big money with our KloudSIPTM Metered Plan -- where you only pay for what you use. Each trunk comes with 500 minutes included and everything above is calculated at our lowest rate – $0.029 per minute. Call us now and let our team of experts show you how we can significantly reduce your monthly telecom bill today.