Why use KloudSIP and what are the benefits of SIP Trunking?

Traditionally, PBXs were connected to PRIs made up of 23 voice channels. It did not matter if you only needed less than that -- you had to buy all 23 channels.

The most significant advantage to KloudSIP is that it permits you to purchase the exact amount of channels you only require.

Huge Cost Savings

  • Reduce or eliminate long distance charges and enjoy free on-network calling. Many of our clients have reduced their costs by 50%!
  • Leverage unused bandwidth and converge local, long distance, toll-free and internet services into a single connection -- maximizing utilization and efficiency.
  • Prolong the life of your legacy equipment and maximize your investment with simple integration. Thereby, reducing hardware costs.
  • Get exactly what you need and stop wasting money on old technology.

Automatic Disaster Recovery (ADR)

We understand communication is mission-critical to your business, that’s why we have you covered even in the event of a disaster. Kloud9 IT, Inc has automatic failover built into our network architecture. So if the unthinkable were to happen, calls are automatically routed to an alternate destination of your choice. ADR provides reliability, continuity, and redundancy so you never have to worry.

Unlimited Scalability

With KloudSIP, ordering more trunks is as simple as making a phone call. No more having to wait for weeks for technicians to show up on-site who charge too much for their services. Now you can instantly adjust your capacity with unlimited scalability as your company grows.

Phone Numbers

Choose telephone numbers from any of our rate centers in the United States or Canada and have them route directly to your PBX. Take advantage of phone number freedom by choosing from different area codes, no matter where you are geographically located. For example, many companies utilize this to track and evaluate marketing campaigns using call volume testing for each phone number.