Quality of Service

Is your business plagued by high latency and jitter?

We see the havoc caused by latency and jitter on high-priority data like VoIP and cloud applications daily. These two factors lead to nasty problems like frustrated employees, angry customers, and lost sales.

KloudLINQ’s next-generation Quality of Service (QoS) engine makes these problems a thing of the past. Our bi-directional QoS engine keeps network traffic in check and minimizes disturbances for applications like VoIP, which depend on a well-tuned network. It has 3 main components that ensure you have crystal clear quality at all times.

Asymmetrical QoS

Other technologies offer only symmetrical QoS. KloudLINQ, on the other hand, fully utilizes the entire bandwidth in both directions. This ensures your most important applications will always receive priority, regardless of the requirements. You’ll get complete QoS for all of your bandwidth (in / out and up / down).

Game-changing Bi-directional QoS

With our groundbreaking bi-directional QoS, your applications will always perform at their best, no matter the demand placed on your connections.

Rate Limit Avoidance

Our QoS engine constantly monitors all of your connections and proactively avoids thresholds that damage application quality.

For example, many network connections begin to drop application packets as the transfer rates hit the top 5% of connection capacity. With KloudLINQ, applications will never attempt to use that 5% because the excess data will automatically route down another link. You’ll never have to worry about poor quality internet again.

Our QoS engine avoids rate-limiting by sending application data down the most reliable and highest quality transfer-rate link, essentially controlling the application’s quality regardless of how demanding the bandwidth requirements.

Invisible Failover

We call it invisible because you’ll likely never notice when a link goes down. Our special Multi-Link-Connection-Routing (MLCR) engine constantly monitors connections and routes traffic down the best path: the one with the fewest interruptions. MLCR dynamically routes applications according to your needs and specifications.